This tutorial is meant to help first-time users navigate their account and generally show you where things are. When you log in for the first time you will see your "Start" screen. This screen offers a powerful search tool to locate items in the account and links to major components of your account.

Update Profile

You will notice the notification that informs you that the account is limited to 50 emails per day until the account profile is complete and accurate. Make sure you complete this step.  You can fill out your profile on the "Start Screen" or on your Account Screen.
Elastic Email requires that your profile is filled out so that we know who you are, what you are sending, and who you are sending to. The profile information will also be automatically inserted into your emails and tracking pages in most cases.

Verify Your Sender Domain

Then you will notice the notification that informs you that the account is limited to 50 emails per day until a valid domain is configured. This step requires you to add DNS records to your domain's DNS. You can find a complete tutorial on how to add verify your domain here.

After your profile is filled out and a verified domain is added to the account all daily sending limits will be removed from the account.

Purchasing Credit

Credit Purchases can be made on your account here.

Make sure you are using a valid Credit Card or Paypal account. Credit does not expire as long as the account is used once per year. Once a credit purchase is made then there are no sending limits for the account. The account can send as much email as it has credit for.

You can also set up an auto-payment or auto reminders if your credit drops below a certain amount.

Find Your SMTP / API Credentials

If you are looking to configure your SMTP Client, Server, or CMS to use Elastic Email or use our HTTP API then you will need to use the credentials found on your Settings Screen.

SMTP/API Settings Documentation:

Your Account Sending Settings

Your Account Sending Settings Application URL:

Sending Settings Documentation:

Sub Accounts

Need multiple accounts to send different mail types or manage your own clients? Use sub-accounts.

Sub Account management Application URL:

Sub Account Documentation:

Custom Branding

Want to re-brand our User Interface and resell the service to your own clients?  You can do that.

Custom Branding Settings Application URL:

Custom Branding Documentation:

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