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How to manage a new main account
How to manage a new main account

This tutorial will help new users become familiar with your Elastic Email account.

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This tutorial is meant to help first-time users navigate their account. When you log in for the first time you will see your "Start" screen. This screen offers a set of quick navigation points that take you to the most relevant screens for first-time set up. Other than that you can find the navigation menu and the account menu here.

Access to this menu will always be available on your dashboard, regardless of which screen are you looking at currently.

Start - This screen brings you to back to the Start screen.

Campaigns - The Elastic Email Campaign Creator - our powerful tool for creating marketing newsletters. You can find your past campaigns list and their statistics here too.

Contacts - The contact management screen. Here you can upload your contacts and sort them between lists and dynamic segments.

Forms - This is the double opt-in creation tool and gallery. After you create your webform, our platform provides a direct publishing link that you can use to directly embed it on your website.

Templates - This screen contains two template editors and your template gallery, including some ready-to-use default templates. You can choose between using our intuitive drag & drop editor or a raw HTML editor that will require direct code input.

Landing pages - Similar to the Templates screen, here you can find the same functionality but reserved for landing pages instead of templates.

Activity - This screen holds the activity graph showing your recent sending trends as well as detailed email logs of each of your campaigns.

Start menu

This menu offers quick links to the most relevant parts of your dashboard, they can also be found under the navigation menu and account menu, depending on your preference.

Upload Contacts - Part of the "Contacts" screen that takes you directly to the contact uploading tool.

Create Template - Part of the "Templates" screen that takes you directly to the template editor.

Send Campaign - Part of the "Campaigns" screen that takes you directly to the campaign creation tool.

Verify Domain - A very useful link that takes you directly to the domain verification screen. Domain verification is an important step to fully activate your account and lift any possible sending limits.

Get Advice - If you need help this shortcut will take you directly to the means of contact with our Customer Support team.

Account menu

If you click your account name in the upper-right corner of your dashboard, a drop-down menu with your profile and account settings will appear.

My account

Billing - Change plan and billing details and view payment history, usage and receipts.

Profile - Update your profile information that can be used in your mailings.

Settings - Sending, Domains, IPs, Unsubscribe, SMTP, API, and Other subcategories.

Reputation - Details on your Account's configuration and sending reputation.

Security - Ensure your Account is secure and safe.

Legal - View our usage policies and download our DPA.

Settings - Shortcut to the account's Settings screen.

Logout - Safely log out of your Elastic Email

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