How to manage your billing

The Billing screen is a vital part of your account. As soon as you decide to purchase a paid plan, familiarity with it will surely help

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Adding a payment method and reviewing your plan

The space to manage your payment method is at the bottom of your billing screen:

Here you can register either a credit card or a working PayPal account. In case of credit cards, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

After registering a payment method, it will remain on your account until you decide to disconnect it yourself.

This main Billing screen also contains the summary of your pricing plan and it's cost. When on trial it's here where you purchase a paid plan. When you're already on a paid plan it allows you to upgrade instantly.

Purchasing a plan

As soon as you have your billing method registered, you will be able to purchase one of our paid plans. If you are not decided yet on which one to choose, please consult our pricing pages or the Pricing Plans Comparison Article.

In this example purchase flow we will focus on the Marketing plan only as the flow for Email API is similar. In order to purchase, click your account name and choose "Upgrade" in the resulting item list.

This will bring you directly to your Billing screen. On this screen all of your plan details can be found, so be sure to revisit it after the purchase if you ever need to review your new plan in detail. To go ahead with the purchase, choose "Change plan".

On this screen you will be able to decide between Marketing and Marketing PRO options. A breakdown of features available on both plans is there, alongside a slider that represents the contact limit you prefer.

Note: For Email API plans the process looks the same, except there is no contact limit slider.

Plan details

This screen summarizes your pricing plan. It contains the following:

  • Plan price

  • Plan renewal date

  • Your chosen contact limit

  • Auto increase contact limit option - if enabled, Elastic Email will automatically upgrade your Marketing plan contact limit if you exceed the current limit to ensure seamless functionality

  • Email limit - mostly relevant for Email API plans

  • Verification limit - the limit your plan allows for usage of our Email Verification Service

  • On the bottom of the screen there is also a visual representation of the contact limit and verification limit usage

Upgrading your plan

In order to upgrade your plan, you should once again navigate to the "Change plan" button. In the next screen you will be able to increase your contact limit. The additional upgrade option is the ability to choose the PRO version of your plan, once again with a short breakdown of differences between the two packages.

Note: For Email API plans the process looks the same, except there is no contact limit slider.

Downgrading your plan

The same screen allows you to downgrade your plan if applicable. You can choose to downgrade from Unlimited PRO to Unlimited. Additionally, you can move the contact limit slider left in order to lower your contact limit. Please note that in order to do so, you will have to make sure that the current contact count on your account does not exceed the newly chosen lower limit.

Note: that the ability to downgrade your Marketing plan is available only during the last two days of your subscription period. This limit does not apply to Email API plans.

Changing your plan type

It's possible to change your plan type between Marketing and Email API, but only as long as you are still on a free trial version. All the basic features of both plans are available on trial, so feel free to test them out. In order to switch between plans:

1) Navigate to your "Account" section

2) Choose "Profile"

3) At the bottom of the Profile screen you will see the name of your current trial plan and the button allowing you to change it. Click "Change product"

4) You will be immediately switched from Unlimited to Email API or the other way around, depending on your current trial plan version.


As long as you are on a paid plan, you can review, manage and purchase new add-ons depending on your needs.

Our add-ons include:

  • Priority Support

  • Premium Support

  • Private IPs.

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