The Billing screen is a vital part of your account. As soon as you decide to purchase a paid plan, this screen will become the base of all your payments and their history.

Adding a payment method and reviewing your plan

The space to manage your payment method is at the bottom of your billing screen:

Here you can register either a credit card or a working PayPal account. In case of credit cards, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

After registering a payment method, it will remain on your account until you decide to disconnect it yourself.

This main Billing screen also contains the summary of your pricing plan and its cost. When on trial it's here where you purchase a paid plan. When you're already on a paid plan it allows you to upgrade instantly.


Subsections of the Billing screen also contain the history of your purchases. These screens are divided between Payment History and Usage:

  • Payment history contains all the purchases you made in order to supply your payment plan with the ability to send your emails. This is also the place where you can generate a receipt for any of such purchases.

  • Usage contains a breakdown of your daily account usage and how we charge you for it.

All this historical data will remain on your account so that you can view it any time it's needed.

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