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Create and manage your API Keys and access levels

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This article contains instructions on navigating the new version of Elastic Email dashboard. If you would like to see the old dashboard version of this article, please use the following link

You can find our complete version 2 API Documentation here.

Create Additional API Key

Note: Each account can store up to 15 unique API Keys

Your API Key is a 96-character single GUID and it is the key to your account when trying to gain access or make API calls while outside of the User Interface. Every API call will require this key. It is unique for API connections and separate from SMTP Relay communication.

New accounts don't have any API Keys on their accounts. Just click this button and create a new key:

At this point, you can set custom permissions for this API Key and set optional access restriction for it. The restriction forces the API Key to work only with an IP or IP range that will be specified in this field.

After clicking the Create button, a popup will appear with your newly created API Key. Copy it and save in a safe place. Once you close this window you will not be able to retrieve it. After this step, our system will obfuscate it except for the last 5 digits for security reasons.

You can create more API Keys here. This can be useful if you want to share it with someone, but for example, need to set different permissions for it's use.

Manage API Keys

This screen contains every API Key that was already created. You can modify their properties or delete them here.


This will allow you to change the details of your API Key like permissions or name.

Change API Key

This will generate a new API Key for the particular credentials you chose. This way only the API Key will be changed and the permissions you chose for it will stay the same. This is the only way to regain access to this particular credential if you somehow misplaced the key.


This option allows you to delete an API Key that you no longer need.

API connection limits

20 concurrent requests from single IP
Connection time-out = 600 seconds

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