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Elastic Email Pricing Plans

Discover which of our pricing plans suits your needs best - breakdown of similarities and differences between Email API and Marketing plans

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Elastic Email's pricing plans share some similarities but Marketing and Email API are tailored to satisfy different needs and are different at their cores. Understanding these differences will be crucial in deciding which of our products will best fit you.

Key differences


  • Access to Campaign Creator

  • Ability to design A/X split campaigns, scheduled campaigns, and event-driven campaigns on the go - perfect for marketing emails

  • You are charged according to the number of contacts. You can send an unlimited number of emails to these contacts

  • Starts at $9/month for the 2,000 contacts and 60,000 emails tier tier

  • Free attachments

  • Private IPs are available for purchase for $40/month charged up-front ($50/month for Marketing PRO plans)

  • Overall contact management, including custom contact fields

  • Webforms

  • Landing pages

Email API

  • No access to Campaign Creator

  • Designed for developers and those who want to create their own integration with Elastic Email

  • Access to our SMTP and HTTP API

  • Perfect for transactional emails - you are charged only for the number of emails you send as you go. You can hold as many contacts as you need

  • Starts at $9 for 10,000 email

  • Attachments for $1/GB

  • Private IPs are available for purchase for $40/month

  • Suppressed contact management

About Marketing

The key feature of the Marketing plan is it's accessibility. All it takes is a brief setup after which you are ready to go. You can find a short description of the initial configuration of an Elastic Email Account below. This applies to Email API plans as well, but with Marketing, you will most likely spend much more time on our dashboard.

With our Marketing plans, your monthly subscription and the subscription price depends on the chosen contacts and email sending tier.

It is best suited to satisfy your Email Marketing needs. It grants access to many tools and features available through our easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard - most importantly, access to the powerful Campaign Creator. This is a tool that lets you design and send out a marketing campaign on the fly. You can read more about it here:

About Email API

Email API plans are best used for transactional emails sent out through a custom built integration with our API or SMTP relay. However, nothing will stop you from using a third-party software and integrating it for marketing purposes too.

With this plan, you are charged "as you go" for the number of emails sent and add-ons that are used (daily) - the plans starting price is just $0.10/1,000 emails sent with an additional fee of $0.50/day.

You can find details about how to configure SMTP and API in our article:

To start integrating your code with the Elastic Email API, just check out our API Documentations:

There are additional tutorials and hints for integration in some of our resources:

To ensure seamless delivery without interruptions related to your account's credit, we implement an Auto-recharge feature for Email API plans. If you are sending continuously and your email credits are about to run out, we will recharge the account's credits according to the levels that you set up so that you can continue to submit emails without managing this manually.

PRO Plans

You can always upgrade both Marketing and Email API plans to their respective PRO versions. Just go to your account's Billing page. This unlocks Elastic Email's full potential and gives you access to our additional features. These features include:

  • Unlimited custom fields for your contacts.

  • Extended email logs - 7 days instead of 3

  • Setting up custom rDNS (PTR) for any private IPs you purchase

We provide detailed Pricing Plan Comparisons where you can see the differences between the regular and PRO versions. Just go to the Pricing page of your choosing and select the "+See full feature comparison" option at the bottom.


Choose Marketing if your main goal is to send marketing campaigns and grow your customer base.

If you're more interested in transactional communication (password resets, sending invoices, order confirmations, system notifications etc.) which does not require our dashboard tools, Email API is for you.

If still in doubt, check out our blog article which should expand the idea of our plans for you even more:

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