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How to use subaccounts
How to use subaccounts

Elastic Email allows to create and use unlimited number of subaccounts. It makes it is easy to provide each client with their own account

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Main vs Sub

Your Main Account is the first account you created under Elastic Email. Subaccounts are created from within the Main Account.
If you manage several of your own clients, subaccounts offer an easy and effective way to separate and manage mail. You may also wish to separate mail by sender domain, or contact lists.
Subaccounts offer a great way to manage any mail that needs to remain segregated in its own account.

Note! This feature is available for Marketing PRO and Email API PRO only!

How To Add A Subaccount

First, navigate to the My Account>Subaccounts screen of your dashboard

Now just go to Manage>Add Subaccount

You can set up your future subaccount in the resulting popup. You choose its login and password here along with all the possible permissions, controlled by you:

Subaccount Features

A subaccount has all of the same features as the Main Account but there are a couple of things to know:

It can not purchase credit.

It uses up two email credits when sending attachments - one for the email itself and one for the email's attachment
It can not invite account users.
It can inherit the Main Account's verified sender domains or verify its own.
It's usage and costs are displayed only on the Main Account.
The Main Account can limit the number of emails per month for any subaccount.
Subaccounts allow you to separate email and accesses, but credit purchases and reporting are all under the Main Account.
Its credits need to be purchased on the Main Account.
Emails sent by subaccounts count towards the Total Emails Sent by the Main Account.

Email Verification Service is not available for subaccounts

Setting Subaccount Usage Limits

Select the subaccount options and select edit.
Here is a brief description of each of the options:

Max contacts - sets a limit of contacts allowed to be stored.
Max email size in MB - sets a limit of the email's size.
Monthly refill credits - sets a specific amount of email credits to be assigned each month.
Daily send limit - sets a limit of emails allowed to be sent per day.
Allow SMTP send - enables subaccount to submit mail via SMTP Relay.
Allow API send - enables subaccount to submit mail via HTTP API.
Allow interface send - enables subaccount to submit mail via the User Interface (campaign creation).
Allow for private IP purchases - allows subaccount to purchase private IPs.
Allow two-factor authentication - enables additional security measures (see more here).

Adding credits to Subaccounts

Credits are used to limit the number of emails that can be sent from subaccount.
To enable adding credits you need to go to the subaccounts screen and select 'edit' at the chosen subaccount. Then check 'Subaccount requires email credits'. After you do this, the new option 'manage email credits' should appear in each subaccount menu. This way you will be able to add a specific amount of credits to chosen subaccount.

Please note that manually added email credits are always taken into account when the "Monthly credit refill" takes place. When manually added credits are still on your subaccount, the automatic refill will be adequately lower to account for it.

Assigning Private IPs

Another great feature is the ability to assign subaccounts directly to one of your Private IP Pools.

  1. Create a private IP pool in your Settings>Private IPs screen

  2. Enter the already familiar "Edit" screen of your subaccount and choose the private IP pool you have just created under the "IP Pools" section.

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