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Learn more about how to resell the Elastic Email service to your own clients.

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One of the great features that Elastic Email offers is the ability to resell the service as your own. There are a variety of settings that allow for a wide degree of customization, going as far as the ability to host the UI directly on your own website. While some of the setups are fairly simple, some options are considered more "advanced" and may require some technical experience. However, this guide will walk through the intended use case for these options and provide details and tutorials on how to set them up.

How It Works

Elastic Email offers the ability to create and manage unlimited sub accounts. Sub-accounts for all intensive purposes are their own accounts. Contacts, templates, reports, etc are all separate. However, the Parent/Main account handles all the billing and tracks the usage of each sub-account. The Parent/Main account can also set rules and limits for how sub-accounts can operate based on your agreement with your own customer. Using both sub-accounts and the "Custom Branding" settings in conjunction allows any Main/Parent account to become a "reseller" account and resell the services to your own client base using sub accounts.

Reselling the Elastic Email service is for businesses or people who want to offer email services to their clients without having the hassle or overhead of building their own solution. Elastic Email is offering an implementation of the service that you can re-brand and sell as your own.

Elastic Email is not for businesses or people who are wanting to make a quick dollar like affiliate marketing or typical work from home opportunities.

Additional Rules

Users must comply with our Elastic Email Terms of Use and you must comply with our standard terms of use policies to resell our services.

You must have your own Terms of Use policy available on your website, and the terms of use policy must be easily accessible from your homepage. We must approve the published terms on your site. You can use our terms and simply make the necessary changes. And, you must enforce your terms with your customers.

You are charged our normal pricing (For Marketing and Email API). You are charged regardless of:

  1. the delivery result of the emails,

  2. any refunds made to your customers,

  3. any chargebacks made by your customers.


As the "reseller", you are first in line support for your customers. You need to have your own support system that can be as simple as an email address. Your customers should not directly contact Elastic Email support, if they do, they will be directed to your support. You can establish two representatives that can launch support requests through our service or to help resolve any issues your customers might be having.

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