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How to make money with Elastic Email’s referral program
How to make money with Elastic Email’s referral program

Refer customers to Elastic Email and earn 20% of anything they spend for up to half a year.

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Take advantage of a referral program that allows you to share a special link. This link logs all the people that registered an account after clicking on it. Once they start sending emails, you, as the referring party receive 20% of all their credit purchases for up to half a year.

How much can you earn?

Your referral customers' purchases may vary from 10 dollars to thousands of dollars - depending on the number of emails sent. If you get 10 customers who register and pay for new email campaigns and spend 100 dollars each month, you earn 20% of those purchases. That's 20% of $1000.00 which is $200!

How to get started?

You can start earning with Elastic Email in 3 simple steps:

1. Login into your account. If you don't have one, register for free.
2. Go to the Account section and then, choose the Referral Program item from the menu. Copy your unique referral link. If you are already logged in, simply click here to go straight to your link.
3. Now, simply share this link wherever you see the potential for reaching people interested in sending emails.

There are many ways to get great results. The best practice is to adjust your action to the nature of your business and the needs of the people you are reaching. Here are a few ideas that brought very good results to others:

1. Share these links with your close friends and business partners. If they are looking for a new Email Service Provider, you can simply send them a link together with a few tips on how to register and use Elastic Email. You can also help your friends take their first steps and give them some support.

2. Share this link on social media and tell people about why Elastic Email is a great service, (awesome service and low prices compared to the competition)! Tell the truth. Talk about what you really like about Elastic Email.

3. Publish a tutorial about doing some things in Elastic Email:
a) Verifying a domain with a specific domain name provider
b) How to create your first email campaign
c) How to use the API
d) How to get the best of the less-known features
You don’t really have to make it in English, you might get even more profit from doing this in a different language as there is probably less competition.

4. You can download this ads package and place them somewhere on your website. Use your referral URL to link them properly to Elastic Email. There are plenty of various sizes, so you should easily find the one that fits your website best.

5. Add information about Elastic Email to your newsletter or other communications if you believe that the recipients might be interested in using Elastic Email.

6. If you know of someone who spends lots of money with other service providers, Elastic Email is likely a great option for them.  Reach out to them and explain how they can make the switch and how much they might save.

7. If you know any developers, they probably would be very interested in our product. We have a very good API that is developer friendly. Developers often need a mailing engine for their apps, eCommerce, and other projects. Not necessarily marketing related, there is a big market for transactional emails that need to be delivered every day.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you see or want to discuss other ways you can make money with Elastic Email, feel free to contact us.

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