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How to manage many users on the same account
How to manage many users on the same account

You may run into situations where more than one person requires access to your Elastic Email account.

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Please keep in mind that the Users feature is available only for Marketing PRO, Email API PRO plans and grandfathered accounts.

On your team, one person may be responsible for the newsletter and someone else for all the transactional emails that are handled by Elastic Email.

This is why you may find it useful to try out our option to invite more users to your account and give them specific privileges. This is also important in connection with the data protection regulations for the EU (GDPR). You should give access to specific data only to the people that actually need this information and are allowed to view, edit or delete this data.

Everything shown below can be done in your My Account>Users screen. However, please keep in mind that only the main account has access to user management. This feature is not accessible for subaccounts:

You can access all user's options by clicking on the link above or you can go to the Account drop-down menu on the left side and next choose My Account and Security afterwards.

On your "Users" screen accessed from Security, you will have access to modify access levels as necessary for your users. To add a new user to your account, simply press the "Invite User" button.

First, you need to fill in the email, first and last name of the new user.

Next step is to assign the type of permissions this user will have. Everything is editable later, so don't worry about making mistakes. The exception here is the email address which needs to be correct as the system will send an invite there.

Access Levels

Please note that user accounts have no access to Elastic Email Support Messenger Application. Only the account owner can contact Support.

There are four access (permission) levels for a new user that you can choose from. These are just suggested presets, you can modify each of them freely by clicking on the radio buttons.

  • Custom - By default sets all permissions to None - No access to screens or data. However, you can set them as you see fit

  • Full access - Full access to all screens and data in the account. This is the same access as the account holder.

  • Limited access - Access to the most frequently used screens and data in the account. Access to certain screens and data such as global settings and billing is limited. This is the default permission setting for new users.

  • View only access - Access to view everything on the account as the account holder but no information can be modified.

On/Off Permissions

On the left-hand side of the screen there are also some checkbox options related to other permissions that can be simply turned on or off

The new user will receive an invitation email together with an activation link. After clicking on it, they will be able to set their password and gain access to the Elastic Email Dashboard.

If you have changed your mind or this user is no longer required, you can easily edit their access details or even completely delete the user from the dashboard. All of these options are available after clicking on the 3 dot menu next to the user.

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