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How to verify your domain on IONOS
How to verify your domain on IONOS

The following information will guide you on how to validate SPF, DKIM and TRACKING records for your domain hosted at IONOS by 1&1.

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SPF & DKIM Records

Once you’re logged in to your IONOS domain’s DNS settings,  click “Domain Center” from the domain’s panel.

In the Domain center, click “Edit DNS Settings”.

In the “Edit DNS Settings” window, scroll down to “TXT, CAA, CNAME and SRV Records”, and click “Add Record”.

When adding an SPF record, "@" is not allowed so it is safe to leave the "Prefix" field blank. In the value field, place “v=spf1 a mx ~all”.

Don’t forget to hit “Add” after adding the necessary information in the respective fields.

When adding the DKIM record, enter “api._domainkey” in the “Prefix” field and the value: “k=rsa;t=s;p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCbmGbQMzYeMvxwtNQoXN0waGYaciuKx8mtMh5czguT4EZlJXuCt6V+l56mmt3t68FEX5JJ0q4ijG71BGoFRkl87uJi7LrQt1ZZmZCvrEII0YO4mp8sDLXC8g1aUAoi8TJgxq2MJqCaMyj5kAm3Fdy2tzftPCV/lbdiJqmBnWKjtwIDAQAB”.

Don’t forget to hit “Add” after adding the necessary information in the respective fields.

Don’t forget to hit “Save” to save all the records you have created.


While still logged in, click the “Domain Center” from the domain’s panel.

Locate the domain that contains the subdomain you want to modify and then click “Manage Subdomains”.

Check the box next to the subdomain to select it.
Then click “Edit DNS Settings” from the Subdomain Settings menu.

Note: you need to create a record in this format: or

Elastic Email system will look for either “tracking” or “email” automatically. If another CNAME is used, please contact support to get it validated.

Notice the record information (1).

Select the CNAME option (2)

Enter the CNAME value of in the Alias text box (The CNAME cannot exceed 250 characters). (3)

Check the box to acknowledge that you are aware all current DNS settings will be disabled by using a CNAME instead. (4)

Click the "Save" button to continue.

Back in your Elastic Email account, on the Settings screen under the Domain's tab, click “Add sendng domain” and type in “” (in this example, we used in the given field and hit “Add” to add the domain you recently configured in your IONOS account.

After adding the domain, your domain should verify automatically.
Blue check marks mean that the records have been added correctly.

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