Shared IP Pools

IP addresses are the actual "locations" from which the emails are sent. Elastic Email operates and sends email from thousands of IP addresses. Many of these IP addresses are grouped together into what is referred to as an "IP Pool".

There are several tiers of IP pools, and the shared IP pools are ranked within each tier. Depending on certain metrics,  your account will automatically be moved in and out of IP Pools.

Why does Elastic Email do this? For a lot of reasons. And it can get complicated. But, generally, it's all about optimizing email delivery automatically for a wide variety of senders.

Reputation Automation

Each account has its own "Reputation". Basically, it's like a health scorecard for the account. Details about how this score is calculated can be found here.

Your account's reputation is one of the factors that determines which IP Pool your account uses. There are a few other factors, but maintaining a good reputation is essential.

Premium IP Pools

Eligible accounts may be elevated to the "Premium IP Pools". Your account must be manually reviewed by our Customer Success team to qualify. Customers are welcome to request a manual review of their account. Premium IP Pools are only used by accounts that show a strong commitment to best practices and have the best reputation.

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