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The Geography screen will present you with the geographical data of where your emails were opened.

This screen is comprised of a map divided into countries that you can zoom in to look closer. The USA is additionally divided into states. Below the map is a table which summarizes what the percentage is of each country's opens.

If you hover over a particular country, the sum of opens that occurred there will pop up in a box. Additionally, the United states are clickable and will take you to an extra screen from which you can get back easily to the main map. This screen also has its own summary but instead of countries, you can see which state has the most opens.

Keep in mind that the map of Canada works the same as the USA. Upon clicking it you will be taken to a detailed map of regions with its own summary.

The USA and Canada items in the world map's summary also expand into regions.

Geography Troubleshooting

  • Some Gmail recipients may return incorrect location data. That is due to the fact that Gmail is using proxy servers to process images. Elastic Email is using a single pixel to track email opens - this is a standard solution for most of the industry. Since this pixel is an image, emails opened in native Gmail web or phone applications may be processed by proxy servers and thus providing incorrect location data. Gmail messages that are opened in a non-Gmail email apps will still return correct data.

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