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Storing API contacts
Storing API contacts

Email API accounts can change the contact storing settings. This can be done via an API call or an option on the Settings screen

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Elastic Email automatically adds every contact that you send an email to via API to your account. Thanks to this, we can provide easy contact management with the help of gathered data and presented metrics in-house. Take note of this before you consider turning off the option to store contacts on your Email API account.

Email API accounts have the option to disable contact storing. This means that upon sending your first email to a contact, it will no longer be automatically added to your account. Contact management will be left entirely to you and will be handled outside your Elastic Email account.

There are two ways to turn off contact storing.


  • Navigate to your Settings>Sending screen

  • Turn off the Store contacts delivered through the API option.

  • Hit "Save".

API Call

This option can be disabled without the need to navigate the dashboard. Just run the


API call with 'disableStoreContact=true' parameter. This is further described in our API Documentation.

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