-Please note that the Email Verification Service is currently in the BETA stage. The BETA version is not available for Custom Branding accounts.

You can find the Email Verification Service in your menu under "Verifications".

You can choose to either verify a .csv list in bulk or a single contact.

Bulk Verification

Learn how to properly format your .csv contact list here.

Just click the "Upload list" button and select your .csv file to verify.

You will be able to find your newly uploaded list under the All or Unprocessed tabs. What's left is to click the "Start Verification" button. Please note that larger files might take more time to process.

When finished, you can view the details of the verification by clicking "View contacts".

Here the contacts have been grouped into four categories:

Valid - Deliverable, legitimate email address

Invalid - Non-deliverable inbox that for some reason cannot be reached

Risky - Valid email address that has some risk factor to it (like a domain with low reputation or known naming patterns that were used by abusers)

Unknown - We were not able to categorize it as any of the above

Single Verification

Single verification works almost like Bulk Verification. The only difference is that instead of using a ready .csv list, a single email address is typed in here manually for verification. The results screen is similar.


Every verified contact can be clicked to access it's details screen. This screen shows the domain, decides if it is a role address and if it is worth keeping on your account:

We also have our own database of common misspellings in email addresses and we will try to indicate if there is any error in your contact's name along with a proposed solution:

What is checked

The Email Verification Service checks if the domain of your contact is valid by looking up it's DNS records. We also have our own database of known bad addresses or naming patterns that were previously recognized as wrong to cross-check with your contacts.

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