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Learn more about your recipients. Knowing what devices do they use to interact with you may help with improving your marketing strategy

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The Device Details screen shows you detailed information on what devices your recipients are using to open your emails.

This information might help you decide how to adjust your campaigns to be optimally viewed on some devices which have different formatting requirements than computers or laptops.

Device Details can be found on the following screens depending on your pricing plan:

  • Marketing - Contacts

  • Email API - Statistics

On the top of the screen there is a pie chart that shows the graphical representation of the devices used.

We recognize four categories of devices:

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Other

"Other" is a device that either could not be recognized or does not fit any of the categories.

Based on the data that we receive from the recipient servers, we then further split these into device models or types in a table below the pie chart. Here is an example:

In the case of Desktop, instead of device model, we recognize either an email client or browser brand used to open an email.


Device Details can be filtered by Date Range, Campaign (for Marketing) or Channels (for Email API). These filters will help you pick only specific data to display if needed.

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