Contact History (old dashboard)

This tab allows you to track the changes made to your lists and segments

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This article contains instructions on the old version of Elastic Email dashboard. If you would like to see the new dashboard version of this article, please use the following link

You can easily track the past changes in the number of your contacts in the Contact History tab. It is located on the Contacts page of your dashboard:

The default view on this page shows the history of your All Contacts list. However, you can add up to 10 more lists to view their History:

  • Go to Contacts

  • Enter a list or segment (all except All Contacts which already is on the Contact History.)

  • Select Edit List (Or Edit Segment if segment was selected)

  • On the resulting popup, select "Track list history/Track segment history and click Save

Afterwards this list or segment will be visible in Contact History:

The Contact history list is updating once a day for the All Contacts list and for those lists and segments that have the tracking enabled.


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