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The get status command is used to return basic statistics about your multi-recipient job or to determine if your transactional email delivery was successful.

To use the Get Status command GET to

For example:

If sent correctly you will receive a response like:

<job id="f74b9f96-f89a-4cfe-813f-5f86df1cb37"><status>complete</status><recipients>3</recipients><delivered>3</delivered><failed>0</failed><pending>0</pending><opened>0</opened><clicked>0</clicked><unsubscribed>0</unsubscribed><abusereports>0</abusereports></job>

For More Detailed Results

You can append the following query string options to get specific results on which succeeded or failed:

This will return all recipients for each status:

This will return all the recipients who succeeded:

This will return all the recipients who bounced:

This will return all the recipients who bounced with details on why:

You can also include more than one of the above query string values in each call:


All code samples are licensed under MIT license.

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