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How to export email logs
How to export email logs

Learn how to download email log data from your Elastic Email account

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Before exporting your email logs, you can decide if you want the whole 3 (or 7 for PRO plans) days of each and every email submitted to be exported, or rather filter them out to fit your needs.

To begin, go to Activity>Email Log screen:

On this screen you can either Export all available logs or filter them by:

  • Date range - select what date and time is to be exported

  • Bounced - a filter used to select only bounced emails, and optionally particular bounce categories

  • Campaigns - select just a particular campaign to export

  • Channels - if you are interested in API or SMTP logs instead, this is a filter for you that selects only these channels

  • Filters - this filters out just one or more statuses that you'd like to see: In progress, Sent, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced or SMS Only

When you are satisfied with your email log's choice, just click the "Export" button. 

The resulting popup will give you an option to pick a file name and format. Optional .zip compression is also available here. When you click "Export", you will be immediately redirected to the Exports page where your new export file will be available for download.

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