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How to use "RSS items" block in Email Designer
How to use "RSS items" block in Email Designer

Learn more about how to put RSS content into your template using Elastic Email's "drag and drop" editor.

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Managing the RSS content inside your email template is easy. You can either manually type in a "pullcontent-rss" merge tag or you can use the "RSS items" block in the Email Designer, as below.

When in the Email Designer, on the right-side menu, you will find the "Layout" tab:

Click and drag the "RSS items" block to any part of your template:

This block will create a clickable (and editable) placeholder:

When you click it, you will see a "RSS Feed Content" menu. Type in the "RSS Feed URL" that you wish to load the content from and click "Grab RSS Feed". Now, you can select from three "show" options:

"Show only the new content" and "Show all content"

These two options will create a "pullcontent-rss" merge tag depending on the selected options (eg. item count):

This link will download and render the contents of the RSS feed into your email once it's sent.

"Show all content" will render any RSS content, while "Show only the new content" will only pull down items from the RSS feed that have been added since the last time the "pullcontent-rss" tag was used. The content will be rendered within the "Items to show" limit.

"Show specific items"

This option will show you the items that were recently added to the RSS feed from the provided URL. From the list, you will be able to select which items you'd like to include in your template:

(Note. The "Show specific items" option does not interfere with the "newcontentonly" tag.)

These items will be automatically converted into text blocks which you can adjust to your liking:

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