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Email Verification API service
Email Verification API service

Learn more about how to use the email verification service to improve the quality of your contacts.

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Please note that the Email Verification Service is currently not available for Custom Branding subaccounts.

If you would like to learn more about verifying your emails via the dashboard, visit this article.


Marketing plans can use the Email Verification Service for free - the verification price is included in the whole plan's package. However, there is a limit of verifiable contacts set up for each contact tier. The limits are:

  • 1 x contact limit for Email Marketing Starter plans

  • 5 x contact limit for Email Marketing PRO plans

For example:

  • Marketing Starter plan with 10,000 contact limit can verify up to 10,000 contacts within the current subscription period.

  • Marketing PRO plan with 10,000 contact limit can verify up to 50,000 contacts within the current subscription period.

The limit resets each billing month.

For Email API plans, each billing period you can verify as many email addresses as you need up to your sending limit. It means that no matter if you have the Email API Starter or Pro plan, you can verify 1x your email sending limit.

The above applies to bulk verification.

It's crucial for your contacts to be up-to-date and verified before you send your first campaign. Email Verification will help you eliminate typos, misspellings, role email addresses and spam traps from your contact lists, which will further improve your email delivery rates.

Using the Email Verification API requires an API Key, which is available on your account's API settings. All additional parameters for our API are available in our documentation.

Verifying a single contact

Single contacts can be validated with the following API call:[APIKEY]&

Once a contact is verified, you will be returned information regarding the status - if it is valid, risky, no longer used or if there is a typo that needs to be fixed.

Single verification for trial accounts is free but should not be used for verifying more than 10 emails one after another. To verify more, please use list verification.

Verifying a contact list

Attach the list in CSV format along the API call (form-data).

Note! Each email has to be in a new line.[APIKEY]

Once a request is submitted, you will be returned with a Task ID which is a string of characters.

In order to see the the overall results of the verification process, you can use the following API call:[APIKEY]&txID=[TxID]

This call will return a link that you can use to download a file with detailed results. This is where you can use the Task ID in the txID parameter. Alternatively, the file will also be available on your Elastic Email account's "Exports" screen.

Please note that verifying a large contact list can take some time.
Verifying 10,000 distinct domains could take up to around 6-11 minutes. 

On the other hand, verification of large, popular domains like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL could take less time.

What is checked

The Email Verification Service checks if the domain of your contact is valid by looking up it's DNS records. We also have our own database of known bad addresses or naming patterns that were previously recognized as wrong to cross-check with your contacts.


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