Elastic Email tool will automatically suppress emails sent to contacts that are "Stale", "Unsubscribed", "Inactive", etc. However, if for some reason you have another list of contacts that you'd like to exclude from campaigns without changing their status or removing them from your account, you can easily manage this using our segmentation tool. Here's how it works:

  1. Make sure that you've created two STATIC lists: the "general" list that you want to send to and the "block" list that includes contacts that you want to exclude from your campaigns (let's name them "YourSendList" and "YourDONOTSendList").

2. Go to your "Contacts" screen, click on "Manage contacts" and select "Create segment".

3. Name your segment (eg. "FinalList") and set it's rule to: 

listname = 'YourSendList' AND listname != 'YourDONOTSendList'

4. Click "Set rule" - you will now see the number of final contacts in the "Results" below.

5. Click "Save".

Now, when "FinalList" has been created, you can choose it whenever you send a campaign. This segment will automatically update when you add or remove contacts from one of the lists created at the beginning. You can also add more than two lists in the rule - the rule above is just a simple example of how this can be managed.

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