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How to find full message headers
How to find full message headers

Find out how you can easily obtain full message headers from most popular mail services.

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In most cases, the steps for obtaining full message headers will be similar, but they may differ from one mail service to another:

  1. Log into your inbox account.

  2. Open (or right-click in Hotmail) the email you want to see the headers for.

  3. Depending on the mail service:

Gmail: click "More" (three dots) and select "Show original".
AOL: in the "Action" menu, select "View Message Source".
Excite Webmail: click "View Full Headers".
Hotmail: click "View Message Source".
Yahoo! Mail: click "More" and select "View Raw Message"
Apple Mail: click "View", select "Message" and then "All Headers".
Mozilla: click "View" and select "Message Source".
Opera: right-click the body of the email and select "View All Headers and Message".
Outlook: click "File" and select "Properties".
Outlook Express: click "Properties" and select "Details tab".

(Note! If you wish to share the message header with your Support Team, please make sure that you copy it to .txt and attach it to your message to us!)

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