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What can I find on the campaign screen
What can I find on the campaign screen

Check out our short review of what you'll find on your campaign screen.

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Campaigns list screen

A review of what you'll find on your campaigns screen.

  1. The name of your campaign

  2. A quick view of your delivered, opened and clicked stats

  3. Status of your campaigns

  4. Access to your activity screen reports for each campaign.

Campaign details screen

Your campaign screen is a launching point for sending a campaign or scheduling one. It is also where you'll go to see the list of campaigns you've sent and reviewed your results.

Campaign Name

This is what you named your campaign to reference it.


This is the list of recipients (if you chose a specific one) that your campaign was delivered to.


The name of the list the campaign was sent to


Number of opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. This part also includes an activity graph.

Activity tab

The detailed email log of your campaign.

Links tab

The detailed breakdown of how did the links performed in your campaign

Geography tab

Information on the location and devices of your campaign's recipients.

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