In order to send emails via Elastic Email servers while using Mautic software - you will need to properly configure your Mautic.

Navigate to Email Settings under Configuration panel inside Mautic Automation Software.
To send your emails, use following settings :

Service to Send Mail Through: Other SMTP Server
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 2525
SMTP Encryption Type: None / SSL / TLS
SMTP Authentication Mode: CRAM-MD5 (Alternative: Login)
Username for selected email service: The username of your chosen SMTP Credential
Password for the selected email service: The password of the same SMTP Credential

Alternative Settings - please use these settings if your port 2525 is closed and you cannot connect via it :

SMTP Port: 25 or 465 or 587

You can also use alternate SMTP host:

Alternatively, you can choose Elastic Email preset settings which will automatically set the required configuration:

Webhooks for Mautic (Marketing PRO and Email API PRO)

If you are having any problems with setting up HTTP Webhook Notifications for your Mautic integration, please follow these instructions:

1) Login to your Elastic Email account and go to Settings -> Notification.

2) Fill in the Notification URL as http://your-mautic-url.tld/mailer/elasticemail/callback

3) Check status boxes that are relevant for you

(Elastic Email Webhook section)

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