Collecting new subscribers is an important part of any marketing strategy. It can save you lots of time and energy if the process is mostly automated. In this guide, we will show you how to use Elastic Email tools to build this process. Specifically by creating a web form that goes on your website which will add contacts to your Elastic Email account which will then trigger an automated welcome email.

Step 1: Create Your Web Form.

This article will walk you through the details of creating a completely customized web form and describes the sign up process. You can find the web form tool under "Forms" item in the dashboard menu:

To summarize, you will want to create a new static list that is called something like "Web Form Sign Ups", and you will need an activation email template which uses the {url} merge field. You will need those already created in the account before building the web form. It is also a nice touch to build web pages specifically for the user to redirect to after completing certain steps. For additional information on managing contacts, this tutorial will help.

For additional information on creating and managing templates, this tutorial will help.

Step 2 - Create an Autoresponder Campaign

This article will walk you through the process of building your Autoresponder Scheduled Campaign. You can find the autoresponder creator under "Campaigns" in the dashboard menu:

To summarize, you will need to have a static list that is already setup with a web form (ours is called "Web Form Sign Ups") and you will need to have a template ready.  In the campaign creator, you will select the static list from the contacts drop down. This is your now your Campaign Audience. Select the template, and then expand the Options. This is where you select the trigger event "When Contact Is Added To Audience" and specify when the email gets sent.

Then, just make sure you save the campaign. It will immediately be  Active and will display on the Autoresponder tab of your Campaigns Screen. You can edit the campaign at any time. That's it.

You can add as many autoresponder campaigns as you want to follow up with your new subscriber days or weeks afterward!

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