If you send emails using your main email address (name@yourdomain.com), but you would like to receive emails on a different email address (e.g. name_1@yourdomain.com) you must first configure the redirection in the MX records for your domain, and then turn this setting on. The emails will be picked up by our platform, parsed, and sent as post data to your URL.

MX Records
Update your domain's MX Record "mx.yourdomain.com". Change it to "mx.inbound.elasticemail.com".
Emails sent to "anything@yourdomain.com" will get captured and parsed by our system and then sent as a web notification to your web server or application. Inbound emails are charged at the same rate as the account's pricing level.

Specify the domain for which you want to receive emails for yourdomain.com

Notification URL


Notification POST Parameters

from_email (from address)

from_name (from name)

env_from (envelope from address - MAIL FROM)

env_to_list (list of envelope to addresses - RCPT TO, separated by CRLF)

to_list (list of email addresses the email was sent to separated by /r/n)

header_list (email headers as HeaderName: HeaderValue separated by /r/n)

subject (email subject)

body_text (text body content)

body_html (html body content)



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