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How to run an A/B split test
How to run an A/B split test

A/B split testing is a good way to test how your mail or message is doing and how your subscribers are responding to it. Find out more.

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Rather than stopping at just A/B testing - one message vs another, you can use our tools to test many versions of your template, different subject lines, the time you choose to send, and to what lists you send to. Discover what works and what doesn't and get the information you need to make the biggest impact with your contacts.

Running the campaign

  1. Go to your campaign screen and click "Create campaign"

  2. From the next choice pick "A/B test"

  3. Select the contact list that you wish to send the campaign to.

  4. Select or create the first template that your campaign will use.

  5. Now, new option will appear, not present for Regular Campaigns: Version A and Version B tabs. You can create more versions if needed. Now choose/create another template for your campaign. You can choose as many as you like.

  6. Each chosen template will have a separate tab ("Version A", "B", etc.) - update the details (subject, from name, from email, etc.) to your liking.

  7. In "settings & tracking" options, edit your, tracking and, most important, split optimization (see more details below).

  8. Click "send campaign" (Alternatively you can also schedule it for a later time).

  9. Once campaign begins, you will be able to access it from your campaign screen. You'll be able to see the number of emails that were sent for each test that you've set up and their corresponding statistics like opens and clicks. Make sure to click "refresh" button in order to see the updated results as they come in.

Split optimization

Your A/B split campaign can be tested for two results: opens OR clicks. During the first optimization period it sends all created template variants to 10% of selected contacts (single contact will receive only one template). Basing on this period's results (opens/clicks) the "winning" template will be sent to more contacts in the next optimization periods.

You can see the results of all your campaign versions on the campaign's Activity screen. They will be divided into tabs named with consecutive alphabet letters from "a" to "z" so you can easily compare them and decide which one is more beneficial:

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