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How to send to “non-openers”
How to send to “non-openers”

You can easily send a campaign to those, who didn't open or click your email! Find out how to do it properly with our simple video tutorial.

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  • Go to your campaigns screen and find the desired campaign with the non-openers.

  • Click the "View report" button

  • Navigate to the "Overview" tab

  • Click the "Create list" button. The resulting popup will give you the option to filter non-openers, non-clickers, openers or clickers:

In here you can also either choose an existing list or create a new one for these non-opener contacts.

  • Go to your Contacts screen, find the specified (or newly generated) list and select icon of an arrow facing right on the side of the list name in order to create a campaign using this list:

  • Send your campaign!

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