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How to resell the Elastic Email service
How to resell the Elastic Email service

This guide will show you how to resell the Elastic Email service to your own customer base.

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Reselling Overview

Start with the Reselling Overview.
Make sure your usage of the service will meet our terms.

If you feel confident that your customers are a good fit for our network, then getting started is pretty easy. You can have a custom branded login screen in just a few minutes.

Custom Branding Settings

Follow the Custom Branding Settings tutorial to re-brand customer access points.
Great, now that you have rebranded the access points & login screen, what are your customers logging into? They are logging into "sub-accounts". Sub Accounts are just like any other accounts, except they belong to you and operate under your Main Account's billing and usage. You can also customize settings on individual sub-accounts to limit and control their daily/monthly volumes and other usages.

Using Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts allow you to offer each of your customers their own account. You can also limit or modify some feature access and usage.

You can even customize what templates your sub-accounts have access to and how the templates look by default.

Branded Templates

Curate the templates that will be available for your customers.

Whitelabeled Domain Verification

When you start adding customers and sub-accounts, you may have some customers who want to send from their own domains. Your customers can actually verify their domain using yours.

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