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What is email delivery status
What is email delivery status

Each email sent through your Elastic Email account is considered unique. Each unique email will only ever be in one status at any time.

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The overall activity statistics on your account will track each event that the email experiences. For example, if an email is sent successfully, then the contact opens the email, then clicks a link, then unsubscribes, each event will be counted on the graph. However, the email delivery log itself will show the email only as "Unsubscribed". The log updates in close to real time. The "Delivered" category on the reports is a count of all emails that were successfully delivered, regardless of the end status.

Here are all of the delivery statuses an email might have.

ReadyToSend The email is in the delivery queue and waiting for its turn to be delivered.

WaitingToRetry An email will be put into this status if a delivery attempt receives a "greylisting" response from the recipient server or if there is a temporary connection issue. You can learn more about specific bounce types from the Bounce Categories and Filters Guide.

Sent If the email status is "Sent", then the first in line recipient server has successfully accepted the email from Elastic Email. No additional information is yet known about the email.

Opened Elastic Email embeds a 1x1 invisible image pixel in the BodyHTML of your emails. When a recipient opens an email the image is downloaded. The downloading of the image is what gets tracked by Elastic Email. When this happens, the email is considered "Opened". Only emails containing BodyHTML can be tracked for opens.

Clicked If Click Tracking is enabled on your account, then Elastic Email will rewrite the links in your emails. When a recipient clicks a link, the user is briefly directed through Elastic Email and then onto the original target URL. When this happens, the email status will change to "Clicked".

Unsubscribed This status means that the recipient used this particular email to unsubscribe from your account.

Complaint This status means that the recipient has either marked the email as spam in the email client or marked "I did not ask to receive this email" while unsubscribing. You can learn more about complaints and abuse reports from the Complaints Thresholds Guide.

Bounced If an email has a Bounced Status, then it means that Elastic Email attempted to deliver the email but was unable to. There are very many reasons why this might occur. Our Bounce Categories and Filters Guide contains more information on different bounce categories and causes.

Suppressed If an email status is "Suppressed" it means that Elastic Email did not or was not able to make a delivery attempt. The most common reason for this is when an email is sent to a contact with a suppressed status. Review the Contact Status Guide for more information on suppressed contact statuses.

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