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How to manage templates
How to manage templates

A good template can be used again and again. Become familiar with your templates screen and all that it has to offer.

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Elastic Email supports both body_text and body_html in our emails. Templates in HTML can be used over and over in your emails.

My Templates

The "Templates" tab will display templates saved in your account. By clicking on the "Preview" button under the three-dot burger menu of a template, you can preview any template and see how it might generally appear on any desktop or mobile device.

Here you will also be able to share any template with your subaccounts and set it as default when creating future templates - picked from the template's "default options".


We offer a gallery of pre-designed templates that you can customize. To use a free pre-designed template from the Gallery, just click the desired template which will auto-save the template and place it in the "My Templates" section.


If you want to create a template from scratch, you can do so by choosing "Create Template", and then choose either "Email designer", or "Raw HTML".

New email designer (Beta)

We suggest picking our new editor, currently in beta stage. If you instead need to use our classic editor, you can read more about it here

In this Email Designer you are free to build your email template entirely from scratch using the available building blocks. The default options will allow you to set a Template Name and attach a default From Email Address, From Name, and Subject.


The "Content" tab lets you customize general text, links header styles and other "blocks" available in creating the template's general design:

Elastic Email template content
  • Headings: Bigger piece of text to begin your paragraph with

  • Paragraphs: Separate paragraph of text

  • Lists: A simple yet elegant list - bulleted or numbered

  • Images: Images previously uploaded to your media manager

  • Buttons: Customizable and clickable buttons

  • Spacer: Horizontal piece of empty space dividing parts of your email

  • Divider: Horizontal line dividing parts of your email

  • Social: Icons linking to your Social Media pages

  • Footer: customizable text that will appear that the bottom of your emails


The "Rows" tab contains layout boxes that can be dragged over and dropped into the template. After placing your rows into a desired shape, you can then insert additional content boxes into the parts of the rows themselves.

  • 1 column

  • 2 columns with one bigger on the left or right

  • 3 columns

  • 4 columns


The "Styles" tab allows you to change the styles like fonts colors and sizes of existing template parts like buttons and links. Our Email Designer creates fully customizable and responsive templates.

Customizable parts include:

  • Message width

  • Background color

  • Body color

  • Text size, colors and fonts

  • Links

  • Button color, font and radius


The "Preview" button will show you what your template will look like on an actual device, with the option of choosing a mobile preview too.

"More options" menu

The "more options" menu will allow you to set up final touches to your template

  • Send test: Allows you to send a single test email to see how the email will look in an actual inbox

  • Add tags: Add tags to this template in order to organize and search for it in your gallery

  • Default options: Set up a default from email, from name and subject

  • Edit text body: allows you to provide a body_text for the email in case a recipient mail server only accepts body_text. Your account has a setting that is on by default to auto-generate a text body from an HTML template. You can find this setting in your Advanced settings

  • Edit AMP body: allows you to provide AMP body into your email. It will be accessible for every recipient whose inbox is compatible with AMP emails. More information on how to set up AMP templates can be found in this article. It is entirely optional and can be ignored if you do not plan to send such emails.

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