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How to send to a list or segment
How to send to a list or segment

There are few ways to choose a specific contact list or segment you want to send your campaign to. All of them are very simple.

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Please note that creating multiple lists or segments is available only to our PRO plans.

In this section, we assume that you have already created a list or segment of contacts. If not, don't worry, we've got it covered for you here.

1. If you're sending via Elastic Email's campaign editor, just select the list or segment from the "SEND TO" box. You can select multiple or just send to "All Contacts".

2. If you're sending via API using the "Email_Send" method, you can select the list or segment with a "lists" or "segments" call. You can select multiple by separating them with a comma or semicolon. If you want to send to "All Contacts", use "0".

Important! Existing list's or segment names should NOT have any spaces in them.

3. If you're sending via SMTP and would like to email your list or segment, you can do do so in one of the following ways:


Important! Existing lists or segment names should NOT have any spaces in them.

Important! This list-based email will only work if you submit the request to our SMTP server using your SMTP credentials. So your software (eg. Outlook) would need to be configured with Elastic Email as your outbound SMTP server.

All of these methods will queue your email for every recipient in that list or segment.

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