What are the contact delivery and optimization tools
Learn more about our Contact Delivery and Optimization Tools and how they will help you to get the most out of your account.
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The Contact Delivery and Optimization Tools features go beyond just access to the marketing tools. They are an extremely powerful delivery feature as well for our API. By tracking detailed statistics about all of your recipients (contacts) we are able to optimize your delivery. Whenever possible we use this information to deliver to the most engaged contacts first which raises your reputation with destination providers before delivering to new or less engaged contacts. This means more of your mail reaches the inbox, which means more opens and clicks.

In addition, we are able to use the statistics from your engaged contacts to protect the IPs in your private or shared IP Pool. Our system will segment the best contacts onto some of the IPs and then when new contacts are added it will deliver them on the highest reputation IPs giving the highest probability of reaching the inbox for new contacts. These are very powerful tools that Elastic Email provides with this feature. The result is that over time as we learn more about your contacts your delivery gets better and better.

Contact Segmentation and List Tools

This feature allows you to create a list from existing lists and make powerful queries to create new ones. You can organize your contacts to meet your marketing goals whether you want to increase engagement, focus on your most interested subscribers or entice your less active contacts by sending them something special, this tool can help you pinpoint exactly who gets what mail you create and send.

A/X Testing for Subject and Content

You can do more than just test two different subject lines or templates (A/B testing). You can test several different versions of a template, including layouts, subject lines, and content. Use this feature to find out if one of your creative templates works better than another at engaging your subscribers. For example, maybe a button or link placement makes all difference in whether or not you get more clicks.

Detailed Contact Tracking, Ranking and Profiling

The Contact Delivery and Optimization Tools option allows you to keep track of a lot more data regarding your subscribers. You'll get all the extra columns we support. The more information you have about your contacts, the better you can tailor your email campaigns to them. This advanced feature allows you to see the Total Opens, Total Clicks, LastOpened, LastClicked, Engaged Status and more. Profiling allows you to run queries based on all the data we've collected for you, build contact profiles based on open or click rates and more. Your options are literally limitless!

Custom Template Scripting

You can use code to transform your templates right into our editor. Make beautiful, powerful messages that communicate your message to your contacts.

Powerful Email Automation

Triggered campaigns or autoresponders can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a relationship with your subscribers. It can also cut down on work for you. Whether you want to acknowledge a new sign up or provide your contacts with a drip campaign that keeps them interested in your product or business this tool will provide you the means to set this up.

Attachment Editor

Need to attach that important file to your campaign? No problem! Enabling your Contact Delivery and Optimization Tools gives you the ability to add your attachments or embed your images with a few simple clicks. Remember to add credit for sending your attachments!

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