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Why verify your sender domain?

Verifying your sender domain provides multiple benefits - it proves that you are the actual owner of the domain and improves your delivery rate and reputation. It also removes the 500/day sending limit from your Elastic Email account.

Alternatively, if full domain verification is too technical or not possible for some reason, you can verify a single (or multiple) email addresses that you own. This process provides similar benefits as verifying your sender domain, but only for that single email address.
Removing the 500/day sending limit will only work for emails from non-generic domains - it will not work for eg. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

How to verify?

The email verification process is easy as the email address associated with your account should already be verified (this is the address that you’ve created the account with and where the activation link was received).
If you’d like to add another email address:

Go to your Domain Settings screen on your Elastic Email account.


a) “Verify a sender” button if you want to add a new email address:

b) “Add email” button next to the domain of an already verified email address:

Enter the email address and click “verify email”:

Check your mailbox and click the confirmation link. If the email is not received, retry or check your other mailbox folders. If the email is still not received, please contact Support Team.

Done! Your email address is now verified!

You can do this with multiple email addresses. While this is a very simple and fast process, it is still recommended to fully verify your sender domain as it gives you more flexibility when choosing a sender address. You can learn more about full domain verification here.

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