A/X split testing is a good way to test how your mail or message is doing and how your subscribers are responding to it. Find out more.

Rather than stopping at just A/B testing - one message vs another, you can use our tools to test many versions of your template, different subject lines, the time you choose to send, and to what lists you send to. Discover what works and what doesn't and get the information you need to make the biggest impact with your contacts.

Your Campaign

  1. Once you've got a list of contacts and template or templates ready to send you can go to your Campaign screen and click "Create Campaign" to get started.
  2. Give your campaign a name and then decide whether you want to schedule the campaign send it now or make it a triggered event.
  3. Choose your list of contacts or subscribers that you want to make your audience.
  4. Then you'll see an option for Template A, use the small arrow drop box to choose your template, once you do you'll see the option to change your subject line and other details if you choose to.
  5. You will see another option show Template B and so on so you can choose and create several different test subjects to send as one campaign.
  6. Once you're satisfied, press SEND.

Processing Once you've pressed send, you'll be automatically brought back to your Campaign screen. Allow a moment or two for your campaign to get started. You will need to press the "Refresh" button in order to see updated results as they come in.

Your Results You'll be able to see the number of emails that were sent for each test that you set up and the opens, clicks etc that correspond to each.

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